Preeti solves security problems at scale with data driven methods and software as appropriate. Her research interest spans forward looking AI for security as well as security for AI.

She has experience developing and operationalizing machine learning differentiator solutions in security operations, attack surface management and endpoint protection. Her value proposition is working cross-functionally to help security product R&D teams as well as enterprise security teams succeed in adopting data driven practices to deliver business value. She gives back to the cybersecurity community by sharing her work at conferences and supporting women in cybersecurity through mentoring.

She is currently a Principal Research Engineer responsible for developing new product initiatives and making sense of emerging technologies in the security problem space. Preeti has held different roles such as Security Researcher, Data Scientist and Security Engineering Manager. She holds a Masters Degree with a cybersecurity specialization from Carnegie Mellon University.


My contributions and service to the security community by providing security expertise and mentorship


  • 16th Executive Women’s Forum National Conference 2018: Served as steering committee member to identify relevant and important themes in information security, risk and privacy. I reviewed submissions in the AI track for this conference
  • WiCyS Conference 2017: Served as program committee member to review and select conference submissions for WiCyS 2017 Conference


  • I produced content for the NextExec Podcast Season 3 in the role of co-lead of Executive Women’s Forum’s podcast team. I also hosted several accomplished leaders in Season 2 and Season 3


  • I reviewed submissions for CAMLIS 2023 program
  • I interviewed security professionals from different fields in security for BSidesNYC 2023 that was coming back from a hiatus since 2018


Coverage of my research, work projects and my profile


Data Privacy Week - An interview style news article about data privacy challenges from a data science and security perspective and


  • Darkweb: Fighting Cybercrime - This documentary was produced by Discovery Channel and aired on the Science Channel featuring the technological advances in solving cybercrime. I appeared in the documentary to speak about how Aritificial Intelligence can be leveraged to augment security professionals in fighting cybercrime




Sep 2023BSides RDU: The AI Goldilocks Priciple for SecOpsWhen is AI too much, too little, just right for your SecOps
Apr 2023BSides NYC 0x03Interviewing Security Practitioners
Jul 2022BSidesPGH: Clippy or SkyNet for your SOCApplying machine learning for SecOps
Oct 2017Executive Women’s Forum Annual Conference: Anatomy of a Ransomware AttackResearch on initial access of ransomware
Aug 2017Kennesaw State University: Watson for CybersecurityAI for Cybersecurity


Dec 2022INSAID Data Science Academy TalkHow to start using data skills today
Oct 2022PMI Metrolina: Managing Data Science ProjectsHow project managers should get involved in data science projects